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Cambridge Satchel

I’ve been lusting over Cambridge satchels for months now and finally have one in a luscious red tone that’s just beautiful!


Available in 11”, 13”, 14” and there’s a 15” too. Size decision is one thing, and color is another.
Check out this entertaining piece by Ms. Glitzy here which was helpful for my size & color decision making.


These fluorescent satchels are next on my hit list. Shall I go for neon green or flashy pink?

Another hit collaboration with The Cambridge Satchel Company, this time with designers Basso & Brooke.


5 things to know & love about The Cambridge Satchel Company

1. It’s a business with heart that was founded in Cambridge, UK in late 2007 by Julie Dean. It was born from necessity when her daughter was being bullied in school and had to go into a private school that was too expensive for the family. In looking for ways to earn money, Julie gave birth to The Cambridge Satchel Company that now supports anti-bullying charities and enterprise.

2. It has a retro academic silhouette that’s stylishly current. Although, not a big fan of its buckles as I often get things in and out of my bag so would ideally want an easier access and closure. But hey it’s all about keeping the look authentic from the traditional British satchels so feel free to ignore this comment, highly negligible.

3. Each satchel is handmade with premium leather. They’re quite sturdy and meant to last, like seriously you can’t flex the leather. And like any smooth and fine genuine leather, it’s prone to scratches if you’re not careful. I already see scratches in my satchel future so I’m all ready for that. Just saying it’s bound for some wear and tear which really is just love. But you get what you pay for, and dare I say it is an investment piece. It’s that type of bag that’ll be hanging around you for long and it still won’t look old.

4. It’s comes in various colors and sizes so you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy. I went with a 14” which is big enough but not as massive-looking as the 15.” Yes it will fit a 13-inch MAC comfortably but because it’s made of fine leather, it’s certainly stiff the first few days I used it and it took some time to really open up and get roomy. Not a con, just note that the leather is really stiff as a board at first. Went also for ‘The Classic’ style for my first satchel, but ‘The Batchel’ isn’t bad either. The top-handle feature helps when you’re tired of carrying the satchel over your shoulder.

5. And finally, the great thing is that if you’re already excited, then you’ll always be as The Cambridge Satchel is set to keep us wanting more. Starting with offering satchels in classic colors to flashy hues and to more and more collaborations with the likes of J.Crew, Comme des Garçons, and iconic 90s brand Dr. Martens. Crystal ball tells me I may just be starting a satchel collection…



Be fierce,


Jakeena 🙂




Image credits: Bag Bliss, CosmoneFashion HedonismThe Cambridge Satchel