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When I was about to move here in Singapore 2 years ago, those in the know (or even otherwise) would always boast that it’s a foodie heaven. Well we do know that Singaporeans love their food, the recent MasterCard survey on consumer dining habits across the Asia-Pacific region has Singapore topping the list for biggest spenders in dining (US$262/month!).

Well how can you not with these delish dishes 24/7 – cereal prawns, fish head curry, chicken rice of course, laksa, and more – all of these have been recommended and mentioned with much deserved ooohs and aaahs. But love l found in these three words – SALTED-EGG-CRAB!

It’s my go-to dish when I have a visitor in town. I think I even have a standard spiel for it I could be its ambassador.

But 2 years it’s been and can’t really say I have covered all the places that claim to have mastered it to perfection. So I shall dip into some yummy cholesterol for you dear readers and go on a salted-egg-crab mission! 🙂


Buangkok Singapore for Delicious Salted Egg Crab

buangkok seafood restaurant singapore

Starting off with a place that’s not a usual suspect, dare I say I may even be the first one featuring it online. It’s a gem in Buangkok – Seafood @ Kopitiam. Now don’t get diswayed by the ‘Kopitiam’ part just yet and think it’s just that food-court that dots Singapore. No no, this one just happens to be at Kopitiam, but it’s worth the trip and you’ll soon find yourself licking your fingers ’till the very last buttery drop!

I love that this place is simple and unassuming. It really is all about the food. Service is fairly fast too. The damage? 2 pax would get you to around $40-50. It’s not hawker cheap, but come on!

Jakeena - Salted Egg Crab

Buangkok Singapore for Delicious Mantou

Buangkok Singapore for Delicious Cereal Prawn

Where to Eat Salted Egg Crab in Singapore

Jakeena rating: 4/5, and that’s only because it is a little far, and when you end up dining late, you’ll find yourself surrounded by merry uncles and beer aunties. 🙂