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Hey you!

Welcome to my personal style & lifestyle blog. I’m Jakeena, and yes, you’re in JAKEENA! 🙂 Believe me, I went through several name studies. But with a little nudge from family, friends, and yes the main culprit that is vanity (imagine having a domain with your name!), it was go, go, go!

So thank you for your interest, or at least for getting this far.

Let’s justify this ‘About Me’ page with some fast facts. Right now, Singapore is home and it’s been almost 2 years. It’s a pretty small country but packed with a lot of interesting spots and characters which I’m excited to share weekly. And what funds my love affair with fashion? I work in an activations & branded content agency – bringing to life ideas for some great brands.

I just moved from Manila where I wore several hats. For the most part, I was a suit in JWT, then an Editor-at-large for Turista, a travel magazine for the Philippines (AMAZING country I shall also do several posts on), and also had the wonderful experience of being a writer and stylist for Mega Magazines Publications way back.


My first professional writing gig back in college was for Mega (photo on left), big thanks to Pierra Labrador.

My day job then at JWT Manila with crazies as you can see. Miss these fools!

Best job by far! As Editor-at-Large, traveled around just writing everything that makes the Philippines more fun!


So here I am getting back into writing, fashion, and travel through blogging.

And with much respect to Tyra Banks and Beyonce’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce, JAKEENA! promised by yours truly, Jakeena, will bring to you weeks and weeks of FIERCE – from tastemakers that are brilliantly talented I wished we were related, dressed-to-impress strangers that just pull me in, places of interest in Singapore and beyond which I can’t help but capture in all angles, and general musings on anything that excites every fashionista (more so those with a VISA). 🙂

Each day of the week corresponds to a specific theme that aims to inform or entertain.

So I hope you like your daily dose of fierce. Stay a while or send me your



Be fierce,


Jakeena 🙂